What material is the Super Sleeve made of?

Breathable Nylon

What size do the Super Sleeves come in?

Our shin guard sleeves come in one size for youth to adult players. The elastic cuff stretches to accommodate the different calf sizes for each player. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

How do I wash my Super Sleeve?

Hand wash. The washing-machine may eat your Super Sleeve. You've been warned.

What is the best way to wear the Super Sleeve?

Every soccer player knows the true pain of bruised shins and egos from being slowed down by your shin guards constantly slipping. Wear the Super Sleeve over your shin guards to help keep them in place without the need for velcro or tape. For added comfort, players also wear shin guard sleeves under the shin guard to help reduce irritation and sweat. Wear your Super Sleeve how you like, it's your personal preference! 

Do you offer bulk pricing for wholesale orders?

Bulk pricing for soccer sleeves is available for teams, organizations, clubs, etc. For more information please contact a helpful representative at (910) 452-3445 or at