Soccer Parent Essentials for Games and Tournaments

Soccer season is upon us, which is why we have created a list of essentials that are perfect for those all-day tournaments or those never-ending matches. Our best advice for you is to make sure to check the weather for the entire day.  You aren't going to be a happy fan if you are sitting in the bleachers soaking wet because you forgot your rain coat. We put together a list of suggested items for you to pack: (we tried to pick the most important items so your bag doesn't feel like it is full of rocks)

  • water, water, water!
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • blanket or towel to sit on (we all know how uncomfortable bleachers can be)
    • Keep a folding chair in your trunk in case you are traveling to a new field and are unsure of whether it has bleachers or not.
  • a small portable cooler
    • perfect for keeping your drinks and snacks cold so you don't burn a hole in your wallet on concessions
  • snacks (below are some of our favorite healthy snacks)
  • rain coat or umbrella (for rainy day forecasts)
  • sweatshirt (for those breezy night matches)
  • ibuprofen 
    • All soccer matches and tournaments are required to provide first aid kits but it is always helpful to carry some ibuprofen with as well.
  • spare cash
    • Who can say no to the yummy goodness at concession stands? 
    • Plus your child probably won't allow you to leave without buying merchandise from the tournament
  • books or magazines to read
    • Bring something with to keep you busy or entertained during downtime in between matches if you're at a tournament

Did we leave anything out? Email your must-haves for soccer games and tournaments to for a chance to get your essential items added to our list! If you are a soccer player, check out our list of essentials to help you get prepared for tryouts, matches, and tournaments. 

Getting Your Gear Prepared for Soccer Tryouts, Matches, and Tournaments

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare before showing up for soccer tryouts or for the match of the season. You don’t want to be the player that ran out of the house in a rush and forgot their jersey. Whether you are on the way to practice, a single match, or an all-day tournament, we have put together a list of items that we believe you should always have in your soccer bag. 

For soccer tryouts & games:

  • Your uniform (if you are not already wearing it)

o  Make sure to check the weather forecast for the day.

o  If you have a game after school and bring your gear with you, make sure to prepare ahead of time and pack a rain coat or      Under Armour depending on the weather.

  • Two pairs of socks

o  Your socks for away games and your socks for home games. You might have to change the color of your socks depending      on what the other team is wearing.

  • All required soccer gear

o  shin guards

o  cleats

o  mouth guard (Always bring an extra!)

  • Shin guard sleeves
  • Extra pair of shoes

o  I personally never liked to go home in my sweaty socks and cleats.

  • Extra clothes

o  Extra clothes are good for when you have a long ride home or wish to go out with the team for a dinner celebration.

  • Water and sports drinks

o  Growing up my go-to sports drink was Propel.

  • Sports tape

o  It is always good to have extra in case the athletic trainer is busy

  • Deodorant

For our girl soccer players, we added a few additional items:

  • Headband
  • Hair ties

For day-long camps & tournaments:

  • All the soccer gear listed above
  • Snacks

o   CrossBones Sports’ favorites are Clif bars, bananas, and almonds

  • Sunscreen and ChapStick
  • iPod or MP3 player

o   Bring something to help you relax between games whether it is listening to music or reading a book.

  • Towel or blanket to sit on
  • Extra cash

o   If you choose to purchase merchandise from the tournament

We want to wish everyone good luck as you all get prepared for this upcoming soccer season! Did I miss anything important that is a must-have item in your soccer bag? Please send us any further suggestions so we can add them to our list. Email your suggestions or your own check list of soccer gear and accessories to


P.S. If you're a soccer parent, make sure to check out our "Survival List 101" for games and tournaments!