Soccer Parent Essentials for Games and Tournaments

Soccer season is upon us, which is why we have created a list of essentials that are perfect for those all-day tournaments or those never-ending matches. Our best advice for you is to make sure to check the weather for the entire day.  You aren't going to be a happy fan if you are sitting in the bleachers soaking wet because you forgot your rain coat. We put together a list of suggested items for you to pack: (we tried to pick the most important items so your bag doesn't feel like it is full of rocks)

  • water, water, water!
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • blanket or towel to sit on (we all know how uncomfortable bleachers can be)
    • Keep a folding chair in your trunk in case you are traveling to a new field and are unsure of whether it has bleachers or not.
  • a small portable cooler
    • perfect for keeping your drinks and snacks cold so you don't burn a hole in your wallet on concessions
  • snacks (below are some of our favorite healthy snacks)
  • rain coat or umbrella (for rainy day forecasts)
  • sweatshirt (for those breezy night matches)
  • ibuprofen 
    • All soccer matches and tournaments are required to provide first aid kits but it is always helpful to carry some ibuprofen with as well.
  • spare cash
    • Who can say no to the yummy goodness at concession stands? 
    • Plus your child probably won't allow you to leave without buying merchandise from the tournament
  • books or magazines to read
    • Bring something with to keep you busy or entertained during downtime in between matches if you're at a tournament

Did we leave anything out? Email your must-haves for soccer games and tournaments to for a chance to get your essential items added to our list! If you are a soccer player, check out our list of essentials to help you get prepared for tryouts, matches, and tournaments.