Columbia Ends the US Men’s Soccer Team’s Road to Rio

After Tuesday night’s match against Columbia, the road to Rio has come to an end for the US Men’s team. The US has failed to qualify for the Olympics for two consecutive games, which has not happened since the 1960s. The U-23 team was also unable to qualify for the Olympics four years ago in their defeat against El Salvador.

Columbia’s Roger Martinez scored two goals for their team, making it difficult for the United States to make a come-back after the 64th minute mark. According to USA Today, US coach Jurgen Klinsmann said the U-23 players were at a disadvantage because they lacked the experience from now qualifying for the previous Olympic Games in London. US forward Jordan Morris said, “You dream about it since you were a little kid so, it’s a tough one to swallow.” 

Columbia defeated the United States 2-1, making Columbia the final team to qualify for the men’s Olympic soccer tournament in Rio. On a positive note, we can look forward to watching the US Women’s team compete in Rio this summer.



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