Halloween Costume Ideas for the Soccer Fanatic

We hope you are getting as pumped for Halloween as we are! We have come up with a list of Halloween costume ideas for the soccer fanatic in each of us. If you enjoy getting decked out head to toe, we have some awesome ideas for you. Even if you dread dressing up for Halloween, don't worry, we've got you covered. Get ready to go through your closet and see what soccer gear you have lying around to use.

1. Soccer Referee

If you are looking for a simple Halloween idea, you have found the golden ticket! All you need is a yellow shirt, black shorts, soccer socks, tennis shoes, a whistle, and a red card. If you want to step it up a notch, grab a soccer ball and a head set. 

2. Team Mascot

Hands downs, soccer teams have some of the best mascots in the world. 


3. Die Hard Soccer Fan

Go alone as the best soccer fan in the world or get a group of friends to dress up with you!

4. Favorite Soccer Player

This is a great opportunity to be as creative as you want. If you feel like going simple, just wear your favorite player's jersey. Our picks to dress up as are Mario Balotelli, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Tim Howard. You can't be Balotelli without the infamous mohawk and just wear all green with goalie gloves to be Tim Howard. Dress up in a nice suit and slick your hair back to get Ronaldo's look.

5. Concessions Vendor

If you love hotdogs or nachos this is the perfect costume for you. Who doesn't want a fake hotdog on their head?


Have an awesome Halloween costume idea that you want to share with us? Send in your photos to CrossBonesSports@gmail.com.