Brazil Seeks Redemption in Olympic Final Against Germany

Brazil met Germany in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals on home soil with confident spirits that they would defeat Germany to move onto the finals. The match that followed has been called one of the most extraordinary defeats in world cup history. Germany ended up crushing Brazil by 7-1.

This Saturday, Brazil seeks a chance for redemption during the Olympic gold medal match when they take on Germany. It just so happens that these two teams will play at the Maracanã Stadium where Brazil would have played in the World Cup championship if they had not suffered their humiliating defeat in the semi-finals.

Brazil's chances for redemption look promising, especially after Brazil dominated Honduras in the semi-finals with a 6-0 win. The Olympics can't quite compare to the World Cup for soccer fans, but a win over Germany would definitely help give Brazil back some of its pride. A victory in the gold medal match would be a historic moment for not just Brazilian soccer fans, but for Brazil itself.

None of the men that played during the World Cup semi-finals will be playing in the Olympic gold medal match since it is predominantly a U-23 tournament. Neymar missed the semi-finals due to a back injury that occurred during the World Cup quarter-finals. Neymar, arguably one of the best soccer players in the world, also seeks to regain some pride after his own country booed him during an earlier match in the Olympics.  

All eyes will be on Brazil this Saturday. A win is more than just a gold medal for Brazil, it also provides hope during a time of poverty, crime, protests, violence, and weakened spirits. 

Kickoff time is Saturday at 4:30 pm EDT. Cancel all your plans, this is the match that we have all been waiting for! 

Road to Rio: The Quest for a Fifth Gold Medal

USA Women's head coach, Jill Ellis, recently announced the 18 player roster that will be attending the 2016 Olympic Games. With the roster announced, there are several players and potential records that we are excited to look out for in the upcoming Rio games.

Source:  Rachael.c.king  via Flickr

Source: Rachael.c.king via Flickr


1. Megan Rapinoe

We couldn't be happier that Megan Rapinoe was selected to play on the Olympic roster. Rapinoe has been unable to play all year due to a torn ACL injury that occurred last December. She returned to training camp just a week ago after a spectacular recovery. As an Olympic veteran, Rapinoe is an important player and leader for this Women's Soccer team. Rapinoe will be on the hunt to receive her second Olympic gold medal. 

2. Carli Lloyd, Tobin Heath, Hope Solo

Veterans Carli Lloyd, Tobin Heath, and Hope Solo were also selected to play in their third Olympic Games. This will be Solo's fourth appearance at the Olympics since she was an alternate in the 2004 summer games. We can't wait to watch these three players dominate on the soccer field in only a few weeks' time. 

Source:  Brent Flanders  via Flickr

Source: Brent Flanders via Flickr


3. Mallory Pugh

Mallory Pugh, a UCLA recruit, will be the second youngest USA soccer player ever to attend the Olympics at age 18. Pugh will join Crystal Dunn, Lindsey Horan, and Allie Long as they make their first major tournament debut. Can you imagine your first major tournament being the Olympics?!

4. Quest for a Fifth Gold Medal

Since soccer was added as an Olympic sport in 1996, the US Women's Soccer Team has played in all five gold-medal matches. The team won gold medals in Athens, Greece, Beijing, and London. Only in Sydney during the 2000 games did they take home the silver medal. Team USA will be looking for their fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal and fifth overall!

Source:  Nghiem Vo  via Flickr

Source: Nghiem Vo via Flickr

5. Back-to-Back Titles

Team USA is entering the Olympics a year after winning the 2015 FIFA World Cup. USA could potentially become the first women's soccer team ever to win an Olympic gold medal the year after winning the FIFA World Cup!

The US Women's Team opens the tournament on August 3rd against New Zealand in Belo Horizonte. USA will also face France on August 6th and Colombia on August 9th to finish out group play. You won't want to miss any of these matches as Team USA continues their pursuit in hopes of another gold medal! 

Columbia Ends the US Men’s Soccer Team’s Road to Rio

After Tuesday night’s match against Columbia, the road to Rio has come to an end for the US Men’s team. The US has failed to qualify for the Olympics for two consecutive games, which has not happened since the 1960s. The U-23 team was also unable to qualify for the Olympics four years ago in their defeat against El Salvador.

Columbia’s Roger Martinez scored two goals for their team, making it difficult for the United States to make a come-back after the 64th minute mark. According to USA Today, US coach Jurgen Klinsmann said the U-23 players were at a disadvantage because they lacked the experience from now qualifying for the previous Olympic Games in London. US forward Jordan Morris said, “You dream about it since you were a little kid so, it’s a tough one to swallow.” 

Columbia defeated the United States 2-1, making Columbia the final team to qualify for the men’s Olympic soccer tournament in Rio. On a positive note, we can look forward to watching the US Women’s team compete in Rio this summer.



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